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True Stories

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Gretchen Cryer Presents


Jon Cryer, "So That Happened" - You knew him first as Ducky, then Alan Harper, then Lex Luther.  Now you get to see him as HIMSELF.

Linda Manning "Perfect Love" - Linda reveals the trauma she experienced growing up surrounded by predatory, abusive men, and how it led her to become a reckless woman on the hunt for perfect love with every sexy, dangerous man she meets.

Brian Sheridan "I Was a Hot Monk" - How and why did this bi-coastal hot shot go from living the Show ‘Biz dream in Hollywood and Manhattan to a Benedictine monastery in the slums of Cleveland?

Abby Stokes "A Good Girl Doesn't." Abby's parents swing thru the 1960s with wild key parties and martinis leaving her asking “Which one is my father?”. 

Steve Wruble "Escape From Daddyland" -  A psychiatrist divorces his wife and religion to find his authentic self but escaping daddy issues is more daunting.

About TRUE STORIES: A struggling actor decides God wants him to be a monk; a woman’s parents swing through the sixties leaving her to piece together her paternity;  a renowned psychiatrist faces his own daddy-issues; a girl from out west finds that the search for perfect love has turned her into a wandering, reckless cowboy; and a working actor discovers his entire career has been a series of encounters of escalating surreality. These are stories told with heart, humor, and the searing honesty that can only happen when your past catches up with you and all that is left is the truth.  

Tuesday through Saturday: 7:00, Saturday and Sunday matinees at 3:00

Ticket price range: $22.00 to $32.00

"The journey I've gone on with each of the playwrights and performers has been full of surprising twists and turns. When you dig deep, like we have, each unveiling of more information re-routes the piece. It's a very exciting process that requires great courage and flexibility. Not everyone is up for the task.These five are." -- Gretchen Cryer