On Stage

Devil of Choice


Cherry Lane Theatre's Company-in-Residence

LAByrinth Theater Company presents
By Maggie Diaz Bofill
Directed by Shira-Lee Shalit

Featuring an All LAB Member Cast
Elizabeth Canavan, Florencia Lozano, and David Zayas

May 23 - June 9

All tickets $20

Email questions to RSVP@labtheater.org

About the play: When Pepper and her husband Salvatore meet Delia, a volatile triangle of dark, passionate and comic twists and turns is put in motion. Sal, the hotshot new professor in town teaches Faust: the story of a man who sells his soul to the devil - a cautionary tale that begins to play out in their lives the moment Sal insists Delia become friends with his wife, setting off a chain of events that sends all three down a dangerous path. When faced with your demons, what are the choices you'll make to save yourself? What do you want? What do you deserve? What can you get away with? Devil of Choice.

Production team: Raul Abrego (Scenic Design), Lara De Brujin (Costume Design), Kia Rogers (Lighting Design), Daniel Melnick (Sound Design), Melisa McGregor (Composer/Musician). LAB Line-Producers: David Anzuelo, Neil Tyrone Pritchard, Sidney Williams