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Cherry POP: Fluid Edition

Cherry pop

Cherry Lane Theatre's Junior Board  presents

Cherry POP: Fluid Edition

Monday, July 28 at 7pm

Studio at Cherry Lane Theatre - 38 Commerce Street

Cherry POP is a brand new series for a new Cherry Lane audience. A collection of theater groups and individual performers will each create a 5-10 minute piece around a common theme/word revealed to them a month prior to the event.

Cherry POP: Fluid Edition features The Shelter, The Daisy Collective, Small Claims Court, NY Madness, singer Emily Rupp, multi-hyphenate artist Eric Schmalenberger, stand-up comic Lex Singer, actor Lillian Rodriguez, "With All the Kids Saying" by, Diana Oh is GOING ROGUE, and comedy improve troupe FUCT.

Leta Tremblay directs a live theatrical event set to the music of Diana Oh is GOING ROGUE's original song, "All The Kids Saying" featuring performers Kevin Bunge, Katelyn Collins, Brian Dunlop, Kim Gainer, Jesse Geguzis, Lauren Hennessy, and Homa Hynes. Originally presented at The Brick Theater as part of the first Live Action Music Video Festival curated by Mariah MacCarthy. 

NYMadness: The primary goal of NYMadness is the development of modern theatre with a focus on bold new plays, emerging artists, and building collaborations. We provide a platform to broaden the national conversation on issues that concern us, within a structured exploration of the form, among a growing and supportive community. 

The Shelter is a family of artists creating original theatre for the New York stage. The Shelter premieres Dave Lankford's TRANSMISSION - a stellar tour-de-fource starring Belle Caplis and directed by Meghan E. Jones, in which Commander Abby Graham records her final transmission before reaching the outer bounds of the solar system. 

Lillian Rodriguez is an actor and a writer, premiering a new short piece based on a collection of interviews with her mother J.J.Brown. 

Emily Rupp is a Midwestern gal who has performed her various talents on stages all across the United States. She acts on film, she acts on stage, she writes poems, she writes songs, she sings, and plays a bunch of cool instruments.

Lex Singer is a young and talented stand up comic.

FUCT is New York's most outrageous comedy group. 


Image by Flickr: jeffbelmonte