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Cherry Lane School 2017

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Cherry Lane Theatre presents

October 16 - 28

Individual events are $30 for the first session, $20 each additional class* 

The panel discussions are FREE. To register, visit our event calendar. 

*After registering for the first class, look for an email with a code to be used for discount on all additional classes!


Schedule of classes

October 16 at 7pm FREE! PLAYWRIGHT PANEL featuring Sheila Callaghan (Princess Grace Award, Susan Smith Blackburn Award, Whiting Award, Cherry Lane Mentor Project mentor, and author of Lascivious Something produced by the Women's Project and Cherry Lane, originally developed in Cherry Lane Mentor Project), Sarah Einspanier (The Convent of Pleasure at Cherry Lane Mentor Project), Paola Lázaro (Tell Hector I Miss Him at Atlantic Theater Company), Migdalia Cruz (Awards include Helen Merrill Distinguished Playwright Award, Kennedy Center's Fund for New American Plays. Over 50 plays include Another Part of The HouseThe Have-littleSALT), and more. This event is FREE, but registration is required. Please click here to reserve your seat.


October 23 at 7pm FREE! DESIGNING WOMEN PANEL moderated by Victoria Myers (editor-in-chief of The Interval) and featuring Costume Designer Dede Ayite (Upcoming: Jesus Hopped The A Train at Signature), Sound Designer Jill BC Du Boff (Hand To God on Broadway), Lighting Designer Peggy Eisenhauer (3-time Tony Award recipient), Scenic Designer Rachel Hauck (Upcoming: Latin History For Morons on Broadway), and Lighting Designer Porsche McGovern (We Are Proud To Present... at Playmakers Repertory Company). This event is FREE, but registration is required. Please click here to reserve your seat.

October 24 at 7pm WRITING MASTER CLASS with Matt Williams, creator of the hit TV series "Roseanne" and "Home Improvement". 

About this course
THE DNA OF STORYTELLING will be built around questions from the audience, addressing issues such as dramatic structure, creating memorable characters, auditory vs. visual approaches to storytelling, as well as tackle the basic question: What makes a story compelling?  Examples will be given and the class will be asked to participate in exercises, creating a basic plot line for a TV Pilot, a Film and a Play.


October 25 at 3pm WRITING WORKSHOP with Webb Wilcoxen, (LAByrinth Theater Company; Musical: Cynthia and the Dreadful Kite). 

About this course
Writing plays is a journey of discovery, and the first step begins with character. Through a series of guided exercises and writing prompts, students will be introduced to practical ways of developing and exploring characters from the inside-out, using their bodies, voices and minds to connect emotions with imagination and living through the stories they wish to tell.


October 25 at 6:30pm ACTING SEMINAR with Lynn Cohen, (TV: "Sex in the City," Film: The Hunger Games. Drama Desk and Lortel nominations and recently seen at Cherry Lane in Horton Foote's The Traveling Lady). 

October 26 at 3-5:15pm PLAYWRITING MASTER CLASS with Janet Neipris, Professor Emeritus of Graduate Playwriting and Screenwriting, Department of Dramatic Writing, NYU's Tisch School of the Arts; author of To Be a Playwright and Master Class in Dramatic Writing, pub. 2016.

About this course
THE ESSENTIALS OF WRITING A PLAY including, Finding your Subject, The 
Habits of Successful Playwrights, Complex Characters, Escalating your Plot, Dialogue, Endings, Checkpoints, and Lessons from Masters, including in class exercises.

October 26 at 7pm MASTER CLASS IN PREPARING FOR THEATER AUDITIONS with casting director Kate Murray, casting director, The Public Theater and Cherry Lane's Mentor Project

About this course
With a focus on audition preparation, Kate will work with students on a contemporary scene which will be assigned in advance. Students will be sent a scene as well as the entire play the scene appears, and it is asked that students read the entire play in advance of class. The class is a cumulative experience; students will be learning from each other, so it is asked that all students plan on staying for the entire class. This class is for educational purposes only and will not secure or provide opportunity for employment. 


October 27 at 2pm MOVEMENT WORKSHOP with David Anzuelo, (LAByrinth Theater Company).

About this course

The Personal Alchemy workshop is a workshop designed for actors/artists to access and connect the energies of their mind and bodies in a way that is not usually presented in most academic institutions and theater conservatory programs. I have been developing this workshop for over 13 years and have found it to be beneficial and invigorating to participants time and time again. This is not a dance or workout class. This is not “physical improvisation”.

This is a combination of Eastern and Western approaches to body and energy work. I have taken my training as a martial artist (2nd degree black belt –Taekwondo); my experience with Japanese Butoh dance and Chinese Qi Gong and created a hybrid that works for the contemporary theater artist.

It is very physical, demanding and emotionally charged. This workshop is custom tailored to serve actor/artists. I discuss the evolution of the human condition; the origins of theater traced back to Paleolithic mankind; the innate need for migration and movement and the Dionysian Mysteries that connect the modern actor to a spiritual tradition that is their legacy.

It specifically works toward the goals of building a peak collective experience for an ensemble, so that deep bonds of trust and support are instilled. A “group mind” is constructed and a “short-hand” emerges that allows for maximum co-operation /performance during production rehearsal.


Workshop Format :


          •        Introduction:  The group forms a large circle. Each participant is asked to answer 3 questions: what is their name; where they are from and what is their experience with movement or sports.

          •        The participants are lead in Qi Gong exercises to raise energy. The style of Qi Gong used is Dragon’s Gate. This is another approach to voice work that is complimentary with traditional theater technique.

          •        After the Qi Gong, the actors are lead in a vigorous and comprehensive yoga/taekwondo physical warm-up.

          •        Once warmed-up, floor work begins.  This is done in pairs and one at a time.  Elemental images are used as imagination -fuel: Sky-diving/changing into eagles; living mountains; and glacier migrations.  A variety of music is used: Rock; bluegrass; psychobilly; funk; and soundscores from various films.

          •        After the participants are made physically tired, the alchemical section begins.  This is a 4 parts section that allows the participants to grapple with concepts of their artistic-spiritual Birth/Death/Rebirth and Eros energies. This part can evoke powerful emotional responses.  A place of safety is fostered so that emotional risk may take place. The event has proven shamanic and liberating.

          •        The warm-down section is next. This is partnered guided massage.

          •        The circle is reformed and closing statements by participants may be made.

David has given this workshop at NYU, Columbia University; Bard College; DePaul University; Connecticut College and Labyrinth Theater Company and Intar.  


October 27 at 6pm ACTING WORKSHOP with Angelina Fiordellisi, Founder of Cherry Lane Alternative, star of Broadway's Zorba and recent Off-Broadway: The Traveling Lady and Out of the Mouths of Babes at Cherry Lane).

About this course
In existentialism, authenticity is the degree to which one is true to one's own personality, spirit, or character, despite external pressures; the conscious self is seen as coming to terms with being in a material world and with encountering external forces, pressures, and influences which are very different from, and other than, itself. 
Let's explore how this applies to our work as actors. Please prepare one 3 to 5-minute monologue or scene.


October 28 at 12pm ACTING WORKSHOP with Portia (LAByrinth Theater Company. NYC: The Way Way WestQueen for a Day). 

About this course
SYNCING CHARACTER: a process that explores opening the instrument through music and dance in a way that allows the Actor and Character to dialogue and exist on a deeper intimate level of awareness in the body. We will use these rhythms and colors to inform us how to live and move and to score the text.
This class requires vigorous movement/dance for a great deal of time. Participants should bring the following: 
Water (lots)
Snack/Food (blood sugar)
Clothes to move and sweat in. Footwear is important
Something to take notes