On Stage

Anxiety Stew


Stewed Productions presents Anxiety Stew

with Nicole Pietrangelo, Camilo Estrada, Alden Gagnon, Scott Duell, Mallory Campbell, John Furey, Nevada Brandt, Jason Tyler Smith and The Stew-Nods

It’s “Groupon Day” in the Upper West Side office of a struggling hippie psychologist specializing in food-relate anxieties, attracting an odd assortment of prospective clients seeking treatment for their peculiar gastric maladies. In the end, a very different and unexpected technology intervenes. The music reflects the eclectic clientele, ranging from swing to rap, country, pop, rock, Cuban folk, reggae and even some chanting. You will be singing these tunes on your way home!

June 11-17

Mon-Weds and Fri at 8:30, Sat at 3:30 and 8:30, Sun at 3:30